Born Gebre Negus Morgan in Kingston Jamaica, Ras Negus I is son to the widely recognised and well established ‘Juice Master’ Harry Joseph who specialises in the creation of roots and Magnum; and his Honourable mother, known as ‘Mama Ruth’.

The influence and encouragement of his parents and the teachings of Haile Selassie I, laid the foundation for Ras Negus I to acquire and master his musical talents of which incorporates poetry, singing and chanting. The dulcet tones and versatility of Ras Negus I’s songs serves to empower and rejuvenate the heart, mind of soul of all who listen to his music. 

Ras Negus I first performed at a Twelve Tribes function on the famous ‘Jah Love’Sound System when he was 11 years old. He recorded his first track (dub plate) when he was 17 years, called ‘African Man’ for a sound system called ‘Knowledge’. In 1997 Ras Negus I and friends, Natural Black, Israel Voice and Pampi Judah (aka Elihakima) formed a group called ‘Orthodox Family’; a platform for their musical journey. 

With his early musical influences in artists such as the Visioneers, Don Hudson, Neville Gordon (Levi) who introduced Ras Negus I to the guitar; and Marva Gillespie, Ras Negus I has a gifted talent to melodiously articulate worldwide issues. Singing songs of love, truth and rights and Rastafari, Ras Negus I is able to capture audiences from all corners of the earth, with his ability to intellectually address topics that all can relate to; as eloquently illustrated in his album ‘Bamboo’

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