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Two Soundmen – two Sounds inna combination!




Bawarrior International Logo

EST. 2015


INIMAN (Kingston/JA) and DJ BARU (Munich/Bavaria)

BAWARRIOR INTERNATIONAL is a dynamic sound system founded in 2015 by DJ BARU, also known as DA WARRIOR, and GENERAL ND. Prior to establishing BAWARRIOR INTERNATIONAL, both DJ BARU and GENERAL ND were members of JAH BLESSING SOUND. However, GENERAL ND made the decision to step away from the music business and focus on his professional career, leaving DJ BARU to carry on the legacy.

Notably, BAWARRIOR INTERNATIONAL collaborates with other talented artists as well. INIMAN, along with DJ BARU, brings his distinctive style and energy to the sound system. Additionally, CAVEMAN adds his unique flavor to the mix, contributing to the dynamic and vibrant performances by BAWARRIOR INTERNATIONAL.

BAWARRIOR INTERNATIONAL continues to make waves with their energetic performances, blending various genres to create an immersive and captivating musical experience.

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