‘Boom Dandimite’ of Scare Dem Crew: Remembering a Dancehall Icon

Loss of an icon

The Jamaican music industry mourns the loss of former Scare Dem Crew member. Boom Dandimite tragically passed away as a result of complications from a car accident earlier this year. Today, his family and friends gathered at the Penwood Road Seventh Day Adventist church in Waterhouse, St Andrew, for a service of thanksgiving to bid their final farewell.

Remembering an influential artist

The funeral service, held this morning, was a moment of remembrance and celebration of Boom Dandimite’s life. Mourners, including our Jamaican friend Elder Jack Sowah, gathered to pay their respects to the late dancehall artiste. It was a somber occasion, yet the atmosphere was filled with a sense of gratitude and respect for the impact Boom Dandimite had made through his music.

Video: Jack Sowah; Junior Reed at Boom Dandimite’s Funeral

Laid to Rest at Meadowrest Memorial Gardens

The artiste’s body will be laid to rest at Meadowrest Memorial Gardens, where his legacy will continue to live on. As the crowd dispersed from the church, buses were made available in Seaview Gardens to transport mourners to Meadowrest, ensuring that they could accompany Boom Dandimite to his final resting place.

Leaving a void in the music industry

Boom Dandimite’s passing leaves a void in the music industry, as he was set to perform at the highly anticipated Reggae Sumfest on July 21 as part of the Boombox 90s Badness lineup. Alongside fellow Scare Dem crew members Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler, and Elephant Man, Boom Dandimite was ready to deliver a memorable performance that would have celebrated the crew’s contributions to the dancehall genre.

Video: Jack Sowah; Bounty Killer at Boomdandimite Farewell Dance

Remembering Boom Dandimite’s journey

Reflecting on his journey, Boom Dandimite’s rise to fame was a testament to his talent, perseverance, and the support he received from his mentor, Bounty Killer. The Scare Dem Crew, formed in the 1990s, gained recognition and exposure through Bounty Killer’s guidance and their chart-topping hits like “Pure Gal” and “Many Many“.

Musical Style

Boom Dandimite’s musical style was a fusion of traditional dancehall rhythms and modern influences, showcasing his versatility as an artiste. His lyrics often addressed social issues and personal experiences, resonating with a diverse range of listeners. This unique blend of sound and message propelled Boom Dandimite’s popularity. Both, locally and internationally.

Tragic accident and death of the icon

His tragic car accident in late April left him with severe injuries, leading him to seek further treatment in the United States. Despite a brief period of recovery, the complications proved fatal, and the dancehall community mourned the loss of this promising talent on May 21.

The Legacy will live on

Boom Dandimite’s legacy will forever remain in the hearts of his fans and the music industry. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, demonstrating the transformative power of talent and dedication. As we bid farewell to this dancehall icon, we honor his contributions to the genre and celebrate the impact he made in his too-short but impactful career. Rest in peace, Boom Dandimite.


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