Shocking Murray Disagrees with Silly Walks’ Claim of Reggae’s Decline in Germany – Calls for Unity

In a surprising and passionate response, Shocking Murray, the Jamaican reggae artist who has been residing in Germany for 27 years, strongly opposes Silly Walks‘ recent claim that reggae and dancehall music are declining in Germany. Murray, a staunch believer in the enduring power of reggae, challenges Silly Walks’ understanding of the genre. He emphasizes the importance of unity among Jamaican artists in Germany and calls on renowned figures such as Capleton, Anthony B, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man to tour Europe, revitalizing the reggae scene.

Image Source: SONY DSC – Shocking Murray

Reggae’s Resilience in Germany

Contrary to Silly Walks’ assertions, Murray firmly believes that reggae and dancehall music continue to thrive in Germany. He asserts that the genres have cultivated a devoted following and have made significant contributions to the country’s vibrant music landscape. For Murray, reggae and dancehall are deeply rooted in Jamaican culture and serve as his personal “breadbasket,” providing sustenance for his artistic journey and livelihood.

Disagreement with Silly Walks and Authenticity

Murray attributes Silly Walks’ perceived decline to a lack of authenticity. In his view, Silly Walks and other sound systems have appropriated reggae culture without fully grasping its essence and origins. Murray expresses his sentiment in a spirited patois-laden response to Silly Walks:

“So hear wha me a say now. Ey, Silly Walks, unno behave unnoself, yuh know? Yuh see, reggae music and dancehall music a mi culture dat, yuh know. Seen. A mi breadbasket, a dat put food pon mi table.”

The Call for Jamaican Artists to Unite

Murray, taking credit for a previous article in the esteemed Jamaican newspaper, The Jamaica Star, titled ‘Shocking Murray Calls for Unity,’ reiterates his firm belief in the power of unity among Jamaican artists. He urges his compatriots to rise up, speak out, and remain steadfast in their authentic Jamaican voices and artistic visions. Murray passionately encourages his fellow artists to come together and seeks guidance from successful German-based sounds and artists:

“Reggae music bigger than unno, go ask Gentleman and Pow Pow and di whole a dem.”

Motivation and Encouragement

Through his words, Murray seeks to motivate and inspire his fellow artists to embrace their Jamaican heritage and champion the reggae and dancehall scenes in Germany. He envisions a revival of the genres by urging established artists such as Capleton, Anthony B, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man to embark on European tours, reigniting the flame of Jamaican music. Murray concludes with unwavering determination:

Shocking Murray passionately calls for unity among Jamaican artists in Germany and overseas, emphasizing the importance of embracing the authentic reggae vibes. He believes that by coming together, they can establish a strong foundation in Germany and demonstrate to Silly Walks and the world that reggae and dancehall are thriving. Murray’s message encourages artists to unite, preserve the essence of reggae, and showcase its continued vitality.

In essence, Shocking Murray’s fervent disagreement with Silly Walks’ claim and his call for unity among Jamaican artists reflect his unwavering commitment to preserving the authenticity and cultural significance of reggae. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether Murray’s passionate voice and rallying cry will inspire a resurgence of reggae and dancehall in Germany.


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